Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Wed 31st March

Whilst cycling in last night an idiot decided that rather than wait she would turn left but I was aware of what she was going to do so I stopped she turned left so I give her a volley of abuse

My legs ached again I give the hill a miss went the slighty longer way round

This morning I cycled home via Asda's, when I left Asda for home I gunned it got home very quickly my legs did not feel any affect was realy pleased perhaps the extra mileage I am doing is starting to take affect.

The stats dont tell the full story because when I cycled to Asda's from work I cycled very leisurely but all the stats are together hope this makes sense

But I wont be cycling in tonight as I want to get more shopping than I can carry on my Bike

To Work

To Home

I intend to post something later today hopefully, about how Facebook has Changed and enriched my life so watch this space


  1. I've not had any motoring mishaps yet apart from a woman driving too close to me once.

    Good going with the speed. I tried to look but Garmin's site won't load :-(

  2. Mite b doing maintainance there site was playing up a bit the other day

    Thanx for ure comments mate