Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sun 28th march Bike Ride 13.06 miles

Went out this afternoon on the bike broke the 13 mile barrier am pleased with myself a couple of months ago would not even have contemplated doing this,which incidently 13 miles is the distance I am doing in the
London Bikeathon 2010

A word of thanks to Toby for sponsoring me

My route was on roads and cycle paths which made a change from just cycling on roads hence the lower average speed

Distance 13.06 miles average speed was 10.5 mph time taken 1hr 14m 33s

This was my Route

My Legs were like Jelly when I got home,but they didnt ache that will probaly come tommorow


  1. Good going there Les. I'm feeling my 8 miler from yesterday.

  2. Thanx Toby,

    My legs will prob ache when I cycle to work tommorow night but it is only jus under a 2 mile commute but will fill that hill tho

  3. Nice going Les, progress, progress, progress!